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What does this expression mean? "Pure as the driven snow."

I heard this phrase in the movie "Blow" when George gives his opinion on a bag of cocaine. He inhales a line and then they ask him if it's any good, to which he replies "Yeah, it's good, pure as the driven snow." What exactly does that expression mean, it's the word "driven" that puzzles me the most. And if any of you know the origin of that expression, it'd be very helpful.

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    US, English says,

    pure as the driven snow
    Morally unsullied, chaste, as in She's just sixteen and pure as the driven snow. This simile dates from the late 1500s, although driven, which means "carried by the wind into drifts," was occasionally omitted. It is heard less often today.


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    And in this context, in the movie, there a double meaning. Snow is a slang word for cocaine. The user is referring to the purity of the cocaine.