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Hi, I'm trying to translate the following sentence to Spanish:

"... older handboxes will require an interface loom."

I understand that when they refer to "interface loom" is like a part that is required as an interface to connect the machine to the handbox. I've tried translating as:

"...los controles multifuncionales antiguos requerirán un telar de interfaz."

but I think "telar" doesn't sound right in the sentence, it kind of gives the impression of the loom for weaving cloth, doesn't it?

Does "una interfaz telar" sound better?

Any other suggestions?

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  • I thinkk "telar de interfaz" is your best option. There are "telares" which are like a whole lot of casings or conduits out of which come cables, and they are called "telares". Look at this page , Pp Split Loom Tube. Good luck!
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