interference or disruption

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brown poodle

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I am tyring to summarize the following sentence using a phrase and I wonder if I can use ' interference' and ' disruption' interchangeably because for me they seem to have the same or similar meaning. What do you think?

When the wind blows over the desert floor, its flow is influenced by the nature of that surface, its roughness on all scales. Such surface roughness interferes with the smooth flow of air, causing disturance in the air and current.

__> the disruption of smooth air flow by rough surfaces.
__> the interference of smoth air flow by rought surfaces.
  • lingobingo

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    We really need to know what your phrase is needed for. As you have it, there’s no reference to either wind or the desert — it’s fairly meaningless out of context. But if all you want to establish is whether you can use either noun, then the answer is yes:

    interference with / disruption to/of/in the smooth flow of air across the desert, caused by surface roughness
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