1. mesmereyes83

    mesmereyes83 Member

    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    American English, United States (Heritage:Tagalog, Ilocano ~Philippines)
    Hello all--
    Does anyone know the French equivalent of "Brrr!"?
    Also, is it moreso a literary interjection, as it is in English, or do people actually use it frequently in spoken conversations?

  2. We have the same interjection.
    "Brrr ! Ca caille ce matin !"
  3. xav

    xav Senior Member

    I think it's more literary than really used, in French.
    How is it in English ?
    I suspect it's the same ; else, it wouldn't be the same expression
    - as English and French interjections or onomatopoeias usually aren't the same.
  4. Amityville

    Amityville Senior Member

    English UK
    I do say Brrrrr. In French I've heard 'glaglagla - ça caille'
  5. somody Senior Member

    Glaglagla ? Je ne l'ai jamais entendu !
  6. Stephanagreg Senior Member

    In the east of france, you could also hear: "Brrr! ça meule".
  7. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Buurrr = quand on tremble de froid en français : brrrr, aglagla)
  8. scandalously in love

    scandalously in love Senior Member

    Canada - English
    I love how in Québec they say:

    "Brr! Plus frette que ça, tu meures!" (frette being the extremity of froid)
  9. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    This reminds me of my childhood! :thumbsup:

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