I guess it would be interesting to collect the interjections expressing various emotions in the different langauages. Though the theme looks quite immense, I hope it will be very useful, or at least interesting for everybody learning other languages, because this part of any language is always very difficult for non-natives, being at the same time tightly connected with a nationl psychology.
I've started Excel file with some rubrics I could single out of a grat many interjections, and of course other may suggest better allocation or subject headings.
I've started the chart with some Russian interjections - with transcription, but I'm far not sure it's necessary. Maybe we'll delete them later, or maybe leave, like for other langauages which can't be read so easily like those using Latin alphabeth.
English translations were put in some places just to clarify what exactly was meant, and of course natives will correct what I've put there.


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  • I added the catalan and spanish ones. It may seem easy but once you try to do it, all seems more complicated! ^^


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    Added a few in Italian.

    Please note the file is zipped. :)


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