internal accounting controls

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  1. crystfan Member

    de controles contables internos

    Como escribe internal accounting controls?
  2. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

  3. Cenzontle

    Cenzontle Senior Member

    English, U.S.
    I see "accounting" as the gerund, a noun, and I take the phrase to mean "internal controls on accounting"—right?
    See if there's agreement on "controles internos de contabilidad".
  4. SevenDays Senior Member

    Sí, también me gusta controles internos de contabilidad (claro, sin descartar la opción de Pinairun)
    (y para una traducción no literal, quizás auditoría interna)
  5. crystfan Member

    Gracias para sus sugerencias. Estoy de acuerdo. La frase en ingles no es bien escrito.
  6. FromPA

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    USA English
    "Accounting" is functioning as an adjective modifying controls. The controls are both "internal control" and "accounting controls."

    "Internal accounting controls" is a standard accounting term, so I don't agree with crystfan that the English phrase is not well written.
  7. crystfan Member

    Si, FromPA. Accounting is el sustantivo. Gracias.
  8. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    internal (adj) accounting (adj) controls (noun)
  9. Cenzontle

    Cenzontle Senior Member

    English, U.S.
    In English, a noun can modify another noun, as in "bottle cap" (a cap for a bottle).
    "Bottle" in this example takes on an adjectival function, so to that extent we could say it "is" an adjective.
    I think the same applies to "accounting" in "accounting controls".
  10. SevenDays Senior Member

    If this "accounting" is a gerund/noun, then it's functioning like an adjective, because adjectives, and not nouns, modify nouns. When a noun modifies another noun, it typically does so in an "of" construction: the cap of the bottle. A way out of this "part of speech" issue is to call "accounting controls" and "bottle cap" compound nouns, structures where two nouns come together to create a new single concept, with no modification involved. In that case, the compound "accounting controls" is modified by the adjective "internal." In compound nouns, the first element is pronounced with more stress, and that's what happens here. Of course, we don't have to worry if "accounting" is a gerund (noun) or an participle (adjective) by simply calling it an "-ing" word, and it is that "-ing" word that modifies "controls."
  11. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Nouns can modify other nouns perfectly well. "The cap of the bottle" is just a prepositional phrase expressing possession/relation.

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