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"Nothing goes right for Aaron. His ex-girlfriend is using his credit card, his security job is in jeopardy because he got caught in an Internet sting, and his landlord is threatening eviction." (Richard J. Davidson "The Emotional Life of Your Brain")

I don't exactly know what it means. I guess it is a police entrapment which involves some Internet crime (child abuse?)...
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    Entrapment does seem to be correct here, at least if Aaron can be considered a perpetrator. If he's a victim, the proper word would be "scam," not "sting."


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    An Internet sting means that he was doing something wrong online and the police caught him. For example, a police officer could have posed as a sexy young minor and he may have agreed to have sex with her. Entrapment is a legal term that means that the police went too far, unfairly trapping someone into committing a crime; if you use that word it suggests you are on Aaron's side against the police.

    The text does not specify what kind of stings. A lot of stings in the U.S. are for possessing or using child pornography or of soliciting minors for sex. But it could be anything--for example, distributing pirated videos or stealing people's credit card numbers online.
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