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Bill Falls

Spanish-language dictionaries I checked including the definitive DRAE do not include the sense offered here: "(acto de preguntar mucho) (police) questioning n interrogation n" but only a singular "question" and the question mark character.

I raised this issue in the Spanish-only forum interrogación (acto de preguntar mucho) (policía). To date three native Spanish speakers from different countries have agreed firmly that the above sense is only "interrogatorio" in Spanish, and that "interrogación is an Anglicism or "falso amigo."

At the very least, the leading English translation should be the one in Spanish dictionaries: "question," which WordReference doesn't even include here. If "interrogation" and "questioning" are mentioned at all they should reflect in some way the fact that this sense is not a primary one and may even be an Anglicism misused for the more generally used "interrogatorio."
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    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. This entry was modified recently in the Spanish base dictionary and the sense acto de preguntar mucho was changed to acción de interrogar (see the first definition in Lexico.) When talking about the action of asking questions (as in la interrogación de unos detenidos), both interrogación and interrogatorio work. Googling the exact phrase interrogación de los detenidos confirms this. As for the order in which these translations are displayed, I've modified this entry taking into account your suggestion. Changes will be visible once our databases are updated in the next months.