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    Ciao a tutti vorrei un aiuto per quanto riguarda questa frase: " In particolare, in caso di assunzione di farmaci si consiglia un nuovo controllo dopo l'interruzione della terapia ed idonea preparazione all'esame".
    Il mio tentativo è: " In particular, in case of drugs assumption we recommend to repeat the test after treatment interruption and an adequate preparation for the exam."
    Grazie grazie
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    Per me va bene. Se vuoi una descrizione più oggetiva io metterei "is recommended" al posto di "we recommend". Non sono sicuro se è necessario l'infinito "to repeat" o la -ing form "repeating". Opterei più sulla seconda.
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    Sono d'accordo con Horace.
    Soltanto che direi "treatment discontinuation" anziché "interruption".
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    Ok grazie a tutti.
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    No, sorry, there are several mistakes in your English.
    This is more correct in English:
    In particular, in the event that drugs have been taken, a new test is recommended after treatment has been interrupted (or: broken off), and (or: as well as) suitable preparation for the examination.

    However, you don't give us any context (specifically: more of the text in Italian). So we don't really know what's going on. Until we understand the "story", we can't know if we are translating correctly (ie accurately). Should we say drugs or pharmaceuticals? Are they "taken" (general) or "ingested" (specific)? Are they still being taken, or were they taken some time ago? What does the "controllo" involve? And the "esame"?

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