intervenir - intervención (arte/arquitectura)


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I am looking for the same word in art: intervenir.

Could somebody tell me if it is "altering"?

For example, pianos intervenidos, altered pianos?

  • I underestand:la arquitectura como elemento en el que intervenir (en el que trabajar, que modificar),
    but the sense of the text isn´t very clear.


    ¿¿¿pianos intervenidos???
    OK. I have to say I do not understand what pianos intervenidos is. It is just in a translation, so I have no idea. In any case, what is the verb for architecture, for the element that you have to intervenir?

    Modify, alter?

    I need at least one idea.

    Thank you
    Modify, alter, maybe.
    It has a artistic sense, a creative sente.
    I don´t know if there is a specific term, but I would use something like:

    the arquitecture like a element to perform, a place to create, a place to work, like a material to work.

    I don´t know in really if there is some equivalent expresion, in spanish it isn´t an usual expression


    "Pianos intervenidos" sounds like "confiscated pianos". If it has a sense of pianos treated artistically, it would be a personal sense of an artis o group of artists.
    Are you talking about a "prepared piano?"
    I would not apply the term "prepared" to any other artistic context, however.
    Since your idea is very broad: the discipline of architecture itself-- any number of adjectives or phrases might express the idea of alteration, but to find a specific term, you would have to give us a more specific context: at the very least, a sentence in which this phrase might be used.
    Si no entendí mal, estamos hablando de intervención en arte. Hay un artículo en wikipedia que está dividido en tres partes:

    Si cambiamos a inglés, nos encontramos con la siguiente definición:

    An art intervention is an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience or venue/space.

    Espero haber ayudado :)
    Hay tambien intervention architecture (libros escritos al respecto, además)

    Intervention Architecture explores architecture that creates positive change economically, culturally, environmentally and socially.

    Una frase completa ayudaría.

    Si la respuesta--la que acabo de ver-- te satisface, lo dejaremos.