interventions and supports must be pursued and documented...


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Hi forum,
I'm wondering if I translated this sentence correctly. I'm having trouble with the passive voice and also wondering if I should change the order of the different parts of the sentence.

"the federal regulations require that before an evaluation to determine special education elegibility is pursued, the interventions and supports available to the student through regular education avenues must be pursued and documented"

"Las regulaciones federales requieren que antes de perseguir la evaluación para determinar elegibilidad para la educación especial, se deba perseguir y documentar las intervenciones y apoyos que son disponibles para los estudiantes mediante las avenidas comunes de la educación."

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    Hi enekoetxa,
    The only thing I would suggest is looking at this thread to see the neat suggestion for "intervention," "reforzamiento."

    In my opinion it would be more easily understood than intervención.
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