Interviews can be quite <tolling>

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    Welcome to the forum, giselle81!

    Please tell us where you found this sentence (and, if it's just part of the sentence, please give us the whole sentence). What is the context in which it was said? We'll be happy to help, once we have more information.


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    Thanks guys. It's just that I sent a thank you email after I had a job interview today and the sentence was the part of the reply I received.


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    I'm guessing that the person meant "taxing," or else meant to say that "interviews can really take their toll." But "tolling" is not the right word there.


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    That doesn't fit the context, though, mhdnlsz. Surely no one would refer to an interview as "trolling."

    My guess - and this is a guess - is that the intended word is "telling," which means "revealing." But if you give us a little more information, Giselle, such as the sentence that followed this one or the one that preceded it, we can probably be more helpful. As it is, you've got several good guesses to choose from, but we are all guessing.

    (Cross-posted with Jason, Glenfarclas and Langton's Aunt)

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    It's a good example of how changes can start. There is no verb 'to toll' unless we are talking about bell-ringing, and thus no matching adjective with an '-ing' ending, unlike 'to exhaust'/ 'to demand'/'to tire' and many others.

    If I wanted an adjective, I'd use 'toll-taking', if I couldn't be bothered to say it properly, but why not simply say 'tolling'.
    However, not to be used anywhere it might matter.


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    I agree, H.G.
    Why not indeed? New words are created all the time.
    Yes, and they survive if people understand them and take to them. I can't see this one having legs, but who knows? :)
    "Interviews can be quite tolling". I suppose bellringers do get interviewed sometimes. :D


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    I can't imagine that the interviewer would tell the interviewee that the interview was exhausting in a thank you note.
    Dear John, Thank you for applying to work at our company. Your interview made me really tired. :eek:
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