into a lively little town X into a little lively town..

  • It is not a question of whether it will mean something different, it is a matter of "The Order of Adjectives"
    Thank you so much indeed, that was quite excellent information, however, I was asking about that question to know whether or not "little" is modified by the other simple adjective"lovely". As far as I know that "little" either modifies a noun or adjective , and I have never ever heard that "little" is modified by other simple adjective.

    Verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with little difference in meaning.[ little adjective that modifies "the noun "difference"]


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    Usually, an adjective only qualifies a noun, many adjective can be put together but they will only qualify the noun. "The tall, attractive, young girl."

    Usually,only adverbs qualify adjectives, "The lightly brown toast".

    In with little difference in meaning, little is a determiner - a type of adjective - it remains unqualified but can have a, the, my, etc. in front of it.
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