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Dear Teachers,
According to all the major English dictionaries I use, 5 into 15 is 3, i.e. 'into' means division. But for most Indians 5 into 15 is 75! For them 'into' means multiplication and they read 5x15 as five into fifteen. Do you use into for multiplication in BE or AE, especially in maths? I think it's only an Indian thing, no standard English usage. How do you read 5x15? Simply 5 multiplied by 15?
PS: Be careful while dealing with Indians!
Thank you very much.
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    No: division is "fives into fifteen go three": multiplication is "five times fifteen is seventy-five". :)

    At least, that's the way I learned how to do it! ;)


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    No, we don't. Five goes into fifteen three times. (Small children sometimes think the word for division is "gazinta." ;))
    I think it is "gozinta", but I agree. In the USA it is "goes into" and multiplication is "times". Also "divided by": 25 divided by five equals five.

    Once in a while I might hear "over" for division as in 16 over 4 equals 4. But this is rarely heard and probably the last time I heard it was in math class in grade school.


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    For me, eight divided by four is two, or 8 ÷ 4 = 2. One could also say "four into eight is two" or "four goes into eight twice", but that's sort of primary-school talk.

    How do you read 5x15? Simply 5 multiplied by 15?
    Five times fifteen. Or: 5 x 15 = 75. Which is exactly the same as "fifteen times five" (15 x 5).
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