...into sight and sound of no return...

Erik 182

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Hi all,

What's the meaning of the sentence below?
Could somebody tell me this with another sentence(s)?

"I'm on a sentimental journey into sight and sound of no return and no looking back or down."

  • judkinsc

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    "of no return" means he cannot return once he has done it. It is a sentimental journey of sight and sound, without looking behind himself or down.

    Think of it is as passing the event horizon in a black hole. You don't know what's there and you can't return once you pass it.


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    This is an extract from song lyrics so usual caveats apply - it may not mean anything at all, and its structure may have been bent to fit the rhythm and/or rhyme.


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    It suggests a journey into a dreamworld or a hallucination or into fragmented memories, where what you see and what you hear don't necessarily add up to a coherent world, like reality does (supposedly).
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