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    • Graham Green
      The End Of The Affair

      Penguin 1975

      Page 175

      I am afraid I've never been able to pray much, Henry said, since I was a boy I used to pray to go into the second xv.

      And did you?

      I got into the third. I'm afraid that kind of prayer isn't much good, is it, father?

    · What does xv refer to? Rugby, perhaps?

    I would be grateful if anyone kindly paraphrase the sentence and give the literal as well as the figurative meaning thereof.
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    The two questions should each be in their own thread, so I'll answer just the second question. No longer needed. Cagey, moderator.

    Yes, it refers to rugby. The school evidently has at least three teams. The first team would be the best, and most prestigious, and the second and third less so. Henry aimed at the second fifteen, but was only good enough to get into the third.

    (I only ever made the second :()
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    Thank you very much, sir

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