Intonation in commands (imperative)

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I have a statement: Get well soon.
I think it's an imperative statement. The subject 'you' is implied.

I'm wondering where do we put stress. We have three syllables. I read somewhere that staments go up somewhere at the end and they glide down. I may be wrong.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
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    For me, the three words are about equally stressed.

    As for its being a command, it may look like that but there is also the sense of "(I hope you) get well soon."


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    I see it as a straightforward command but said benevolently, e.g.

    Get well soon! Do you hear me?


    Hurry up and get better! You don't want to miss our skiing trip!

    I agree about the stress. Regarding the intonation, I would say it starts high and drops towards the end.
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