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    Hello, thank you for your time.

    I am a musician putting together my own album. A point is reached in this album where a song has been split into two; the first of which isn't really a song, and is merely a song introduction.

    I don't want to give this 'intro' its own seperate identity as I feel this would be over-glorifying it; it is just a short vocal composition, and I wouldn't want listeners to get their hopes up hearing some awesome title only to find out it is really just an intro.

    Therefore, 'intro' seems like the best title- however I find this a little dull, and unimaginative. So my solution is to use an English-Latin translation. The Latin language seems to exude a certain class and finesse I feel, particularly in artistic media. So i'd really just like to know the Latin word for 'intro', or 'introduction' in this musical context.

    Advising me on a possibly better alternative than this word would be taking things a step further, and i would be very grateful; perhaps there is some even more fitting word for this quite specific context that exists in Latin but not in English. But even so, a simple translation would be more than enough.

    .... and I bet here's the part where i find out that 'intro' is already a Latin word, haha :D .

    thanks again
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    Salvete amici

    praeludium, or "prelude", would be an appropriate term, sanctioned by some centuries of musical usage.

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    Absolutely perfect; thanks very much !

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