introducing a parenthetical observation [spoken]

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When speakers of my language want to make a longer parenthetical observation, something likely to disrupt the flow of conversation or reading, they can say or write something along lines which can be literally translated into English as: let me open a parenthesis to say that

What is the idiomatic way of saying this in English?

Thank you. :)
  • Mahantongo

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    While you can begin such a sentence in any number of ways, there is nothing idiomatic in English which specifically indicates that what follows is a longer parenthetical observation.


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    If I understood the question correctly:

    In speaking, you can introduce a sentence with something like, "Parenthetically, I might point out that . . . ".
    In writing, you would simply surround the remark with em-dashes—which are what I've used here—or parentheses.
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