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I wonder if the following sentences, which phrases or verb sound best.

An introduction could make up over 10 % of the whole essay. (make up?)
An introduction could be around 10 percent of the whole essay. ( be?)
An introdcuction could take up up 10 percent of the whole essay. ( take up)
An introduction could form 10 percent of the whole essay.( form?)
  • owlman5

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    It's hard to say which one is best, halmom. All of those verbs and phrases look possible, but "form" doesn't seem likely.

    To me, "take up" has a slightly negative meaning that "make up" and "be" do not have. I might use "take up" if I was worried that the introduction took up too much space: This introduction already takes up 15% of the total number of words I'm allowed to use.
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