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Question 1: Should I use “It was nice to meet you.” or “It was nice meeting you.”

Hello everyone!

When we meet people for the first time, we often use the phrase “It is nice to meet you.”
However, when it is time to say good-bye, I have noticed some people use the phrase “It was nice meeting you.” while others use “It was nice to meet you.”
Use of the gerund form of “meeting” sounds right to me, but are both the right expressions?

Thank you.
  • Lia*

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    I think it's the same...
    personally i've always said "it was nice to meet you" but I think that saying "meeting" or "to meet" is the same thing...

    hope it helps!


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    Hello Samito, Welcome to the Forum:)
    Both phrases sound perfectly okay to me for taking leave of someone you've just met. I can't distinguish any difference in meaning between the two. (Perhaps It was nice meeting you is slightly more informal, and perhaps makes you sound slightly more optimistic about the possibility of meeting the person again ~ but I'm not even sure about that.)


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    Thank you for your reply, Lia and ewie.

    The other day I was watching an old episode from “LOST”. In the episode, the father and the daughter met at some coffee place and spent some time talking. When it was time to leave his daughter, the father said “It was great seeing you again.”

    My question is if you meet someone and spend some time to get to know him or her, do we use the phrase “It was nice meeting you.” when it is time to say good-bye?

    To me, “…ing” form has a nuance that the action has been in progress, while “to infinitive” form has a nuance of future action.

    For example, I think when you leave the company for good you would say “It has been a great pleasure working with all of you.” not “a great pleasure to work with all of you”.

    Thank you.
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