Discussion in 'English Only' started by Dr.Appalayya, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Dr.Appalayya

    Dr.Appalayya Senior Member

    Hyderabad, India
    Somebody, a new participant, was standing in front of me at the Participation Registration Counter at a seminar hall without saying who he was and why he came. I wanted to ask himself to introduce him. Could I say...
    1.Please introduce yourself?
    2.Tell me who you are and why you are here? ( rather rude, I suppose)
  2. henryhiggins Senior Member

    USA English
    The highest etiquette would be to introduce yourself first.

    "Good afternoon! I'm Dr. Appalayya!" Extend your hand to shake. This should cue him to respond. If not, perhaps add, "What brings you to our seminar?" or some other question to encourage him to talk about himself.
  3. henryhiggins Senior Member

    USA English
    A police officer would say that in questioning a suspicious person :)

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