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In a workshop organised by Association X, I ( I belong to Association Y) was asked to speak; I wanted to give a brief idea about my Association. In that context, I said:

"I will first give a brief introduction to my organisation"

Is it the correct way of saying; I am particularly doubtful of the preposition 'to' and wonder if has to be replaced with 'on'.
  • JamesM

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    Are you speaking on the topic of your Association Y? If not, you are not introducing anyone to your organization.

    I wouldn't use "introduction" in this setting. I would say, "I would like to start by giving a brief overview of my organization" or "I would like to start with a few introductory remarks about my organization".

    The "I will first" sounds a bit, well, impolite, Dr. A, almost as if you were saying "I am going to do this and no one can stop me." Perhaps it's a cultural difference, but to me I would be put off by such an opening comment.
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