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Hello all,

I´m trying to translate into Spanish in a satisfactory way the following sentence:

Thus daylight began to intrude upon magic.

I understand something like: De este modo se comenzó a desvelar la magia.

Intending to highlight that the referred issue previously was so unclear as magic is. I'm not sure. Any idea?

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    You are on the right lines and I hope a native speaker can help you.
    I read a similar sentence somewhere about the Royal Family. In the old days, they were veiled in magic and had a certain mystique about them. Then films about their daily lives showed them in the daylight, revealing their faults and unveiling the mysteriousness.
    ¿¿¿...entonces el pleno día se metió en la magía...??? Is that too horrible sounding and literal?


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    Thank you Lis and thank you maidinbedlam,

    This been extracted from a book titled "The Transformation of the British Life 1950-2000"
    It's comfortable for me to know i'm in the right way
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