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Hi. Could you help me with this?


You got invited to a party from a friend of yours. Because he had said that it
was a casual party, you decided to wear jeans and a T-shirt. However, at the
party, all of them, except you are very nicely dressed. Now you are feeling
like a fish out of water.


Is it OK to say "I feel like an intruder" in this situation?

1. Good
2. OK
3. Understandable, but Awkward
4. It would be as improper as the attire

Thank you in advance. :)
  • Nunty

    Senior Member
    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    Hi, teechan. Is this a multiple choice question you have to answer? Please tell us what you think the answer is and why you think so.


    Senior Member
    It would be better to say, "I feel out of place." You wouldn't want to use the word "intruder" because it implies that you were not invited.

    Culturally and socially, of course, I cannot advise you. I don't know if you are looking for something you would actually say to your host and the other guests, or if you are just looking for the correct way to express your feelings in the situation. If you were telling the story of the party, you would say, "I felt really out of place."


    Thank you for your help BellaDancer! I'm very clear now.

    Sorry. I guess my intention was not very clear. Let me explain.
    The definition of the word "intruder" that I had known before was only "someone who illegally enters a building or area, usually in order to steal something". However, I realized it has another definition, which is "someone who is in a place where they are not wanted". I just wanted to know whether or not the native speakers would feel it strange if I used it when I'm invited, but just feeling out of place. Then, I made up the situation by myself to figure out how you guys would feel. Sorry, I thought it would be easier for those who help to just pick a number than to explain the definition. However, I just ended up making things even more confusing...

    I'll make sure to do my best to make myself clear next time. Thank you again, Nunty, BellaDancer.
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