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I saw it in news: Also continuing are large-scale North Korean drills that involve the army, navy and air force.

Can we always write sentences like “Playing the piano skillfully is my little brother who is only 3!” and “Notorious are her self-made cakes that have been tasted by lots of 'victims'”

I suppose using this kind of inversion is to emphasize?
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    I'm sorry. I thought you knew they are made by me.
    However, according to what you said, does it sound right if I make sentences that way:

    1. The pianist plays the sonata with great finesse. Also playing that piece is my talented brother who is only 3!

    2. With icing on these cakes, they look incredibly great. Also great is their tangy flavor that lingers on your mouth.

    Thank you.


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    In 1. the first sentence should have the verb in the continuous voice. However, (even as you have written it) it sounds as if the pianist is playing the piece on her own, but the next sentence seems to indicate that she is playing it with your brother. You will note that, in the link you gave, X is continuing and Y (a completely different thing) is continuing.

    The construction is used so as to have two separate ideas continuing (verbing) at the same time and usually there is a connection to be made between the two ideas (often with a dramatic conclusion.) "The loyal troops are advancing on the castle. Also advancing are three battalions of the rebels. A battle is inevitable."

    Although the second example is OK, there are other problems within it.


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    I agree that the inversion is grammatically acceptable.

    However, I want to point out that it's use is primarily confined to public announcements and news reports, as in your original example.

    You may hear an announcer say "Appearing on our stage is Chris Wong's little brother." However you will not ordinarily hear someone say, "Visiting us this week-end are my brother and his family." Nor are we likely to write this. Thus, the sentences you propose are more likely to be said from a stage or written in a news story, and very unlikely to be said to a friend.
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