inversion with neither nor

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I neither know her nor him. (I think is correct)
Is this possible?

Neither him nor her do I know.
  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    I neither know her nor him.:confused: (I think is correct)
    The verb should come first - 'I know neither the woman nor the man.'

    Neither him nor her do I know.

    I can't imagine this anywhere. All we would do is make the objects the subjects and make the verb passive: 'Neither of them is known to me'.


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    English - UK
    In general, you need to put the same type of word after "neither" and after "nor".
    -- I neither know (verb) him nor care (verb) about him.
    -- I know neither him (pronoun) nor her (pronoun).
    -- This paint is neither yellow (adjective) nor green (adjective).
    although you could use a noun and a pronoun.
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