invest about $4 billion on/in

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Large oil and gas discoveries began in Russia and Alaska in the 1960s, and more than 40 fields are now in production across Alaska, Russia, Norway and Canada. Shell has been trying for five years to drill in Alaska’s Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and has invested about $4 billion on 10-year leases.
(from New Technologies Redraw the World’s Energy Picture, the NYT, the IHT)

Is 'in' possible instead of the 'on'?

Thank you
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    I think 'in' is definitely possible -- in fact, I'm more used to seeing 'in' than 'on' when paired with 'invest.'

    It would read very strangely if we replaced the tangible or specific "10-year leases" with a principle or goal; you're much more likely to see "invest in education" than "invest on education."

    It's possible that the NYT/IHT deemed 'on' to be acceptable because the object of investment was something very specific ... not sure though.
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