investigate, visit, inspect, or review

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Can we say "to go to a city/country to do (business) investigation" ? For the word "investigate" seems to be strongly linked with criminal affairs or security issues or problematic issues.

Also, by the business kind of "investiation", I intend to mean a lot of activities, including being shown around, listening to oral reports, and possibly getting first-hand knowledge of the local situation by private visits or doing some market research or asking relevant people for some information, etc. Can the word "investigate" carry all these connotations?

Can I say "pay (business) visit(s) to a city/country" insetad? But I wonder if such expression will give an impression that the visits are arranged via invitation by the company or the local government? Not broad enought to include paying private visits to a place?

Also, I wonder if I can say "inspect a city /company on a business basis" or things like that. But from the dictionary, it seems that "inspect" gives the impression that it is condcuted by a superior authority to its subordinate work unit. Can the word "inspect" be broad enough to carry this meaning?
Can we say "inspect the investment enviornment", as I find only a limited number of search results of such usage.

How about review then? Can I say "review the city or the country on a busines basis", etc.

Or can you give more applicable words/phrases here under this context?

Thank you very much!
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    Go to a city/country to investigate/look into business opportunities/the business environment sounds fine. Investigate is a perfectly legitimate word for any sort of survey/fact-finding mission.

    You could also 'review' business opportunities, but that suggests you already have an existing report and you are going to check whether it is still accurate.

    'Pay business visits' sounds like you already do business there and you are visiting to continue your business affairs.

    'Inspect' also sounds like you are going to check on something existing
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