Investigation and research


Dorud! Could someone explain the difference between these terms and in what contexts they are used? For example which of these could be used for a criminal investigation and which of these couldn’t? In English while “research” and an “investigation” are two different things, you could still say that a researcher investigates the causes of a disease or of the First World War. How does this play out in Persian?
Thanks in advance! 😃

1. پژوهش
2. تحقیق،
3. رسیدگی
4. بررسی
5. وارسی
6. بازجویی
7. پیگیری
9. تجسس
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    Dorood bar shomaa, Membre! I think you need to correct the title of the thread by adding Persian before it.

    No. 6 means "interrogation", as in "the police officers interrogated her for several hours."
    زیر بازجویی به جرم خود اعتراف کرد
    She confessed to her crime under interrogation.

    To be continued.


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    I. and 2. mean exactly the same thing: research.
    3.: handling, taking care of.
    7.: following up.
    8.: I have not come across زمینه‌یابی before.
    9.: search; also police investigation.
    4., and 5.: often used interchangeably, these nevertheless are two different things. وارسی is more like a non-medical visual examination or a onceover, while بررسی is a survey, a full consideration of something.