investment banker


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investment banker

It is sometimes translated as "società d'investimento". Can it define a single individual? "a group of investment bankers for X company visited.... 'we want to buy your firm' the banker said'". What about "gestore di fondi di investimento"?
  • In italiano corrisponde a " Banca d'investimenti ". Sarebbe la banca che ha per clienti solo società e non privati, allo scopo di operare sul mercato finanziario per conto di esse. Tipo Lehman Brothers ( sigh ).
    Allora : a group of bankers= un gruppo di banche e a banker says = disse la banca?(no magari il rappresentante della banca, visto che parla col tizio..) Lo tratto sempre come nome collettivo?
    it dipends on the context, as often happens.

    A bank, intended as a player of the financial market, can be easily called investment banker. The owner of that bank, the banker, can be called investment banker too, in the appropriate context.
    Well it says: "a group of investment bankers for X company visited Mr. Gorgeous [joking] in Illinois.'We'd like to buy your company' the banker said...." hence my confusion...
    I'm not sure what you mean. They're called bankers. You could also refer to them as investment councillors, I suppose, but that doesn't sund as important.