invitation to bid / invitation to tender

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  1. fat Senior Member


    Can somebody help me telling me the difference between invitation to bid and invitation to tender.

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  2. MaggyLp Member

    Colombia - Spanish
    I believe it is a matter of American or British English. Europeans and Africans use "tender" while in the States the used term is "bid". If you do a search in Google you will see that most sites that use "tender" are from the UK.
  3. NealMc Senior Member

    UK English

    Tenders are more often used in a more professional / higher stakes context.

    A bid may be the opening draft proposal, the tender is the framework of the final contracted terms.
    Many companies are invited to bid, only the best of them are invited to tender.

    Neal Mc
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    Would both of these still be "licitación" in Spanish, or do they make a similar distinction?

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