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  1. Jin akashini Senior Member

    Hi, every one
    I want to ask you whether my sentence sounds natural when I use "invitation" this way :" I write this invitation to invite you to my party on Saturday this week". I am holding a small birthday party and want to write my friend.
    Thank in advance !
  2. dadane Senior Member

    New Zealand
    English (London/Essex)

    It is correct but not natural, mainly because you have used invite twice in close succession (once as invitation). The tone is also very formal, which seems odd if you are just writing to a close friend. Maybe, you could clarify how formal or familiar you are trying to be.

  3. Parla Senior Member

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    I'd use "ask" instead of "invite", to avoid that awkward repetition.
  4. Perdrix

    Perdrix Member

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    You could say, "I am writing to invite you to my party this Saturday," for instance.

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