invulling van de bevoegdheden

Discussion in 'Nederlands (Dutch)' started by killerbees, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. killerbees Senior Member

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    I was wondering what you would use to translate 'invulling' in this context:

    De toets aan dit beginsel richt zich op de invulling van de bevoegdheden van de aanbestedende dienst.

    'Completion' or 'interpretation' doesn't feel right (or make much sense to me) here. It's from a legal handbook with contracting advice for Chinese businesses looking to contract in the European Union.
  2. George French Senior Member

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    invulling van de bevoegdheden = Detailing your authority, responsibilities, competence


  3. Suehil

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    They are checking the way the licences/permissions are being interpreted/carried out. I'm not sure you can translate it with a noun. :)
  4. killerbees Senior Member

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    I had a feeling it wouldn't be a word for word translation. Thanks very much everyone.

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