Ir de bruces

  • Mircalla

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    Yo he escuchado "ir de bruces" en el mismo sentido de "caer de bruces".
    Por favor, da un poco más de contexto para estar segura.



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    It usually is irse de bruces. Maybe you found something like te vas a ir de bruces. I thing that in English it means to stumble and then land on your face.Cheers,
    It could also be a warning: Be careful in this situation Ten cuidado, porque te puedes ir de bruces.

    ajota gegé

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    Andalusian Spanish, close contact with Castilian Spanish, contact as a child with 'CATALÁ' (Catalan)
    it'll be easier with more context, but "ir de bruces" presumably comes from "de bruces", what following the R. A. E. 22nd edit. dictionary comes from "de buces", that time saying "De or[igen]. inc[ierto].; c[ón]f[er]. bozo, parte inferior de la cara, con infl[uencia]. de buz, labio"

    hence can be inferred that "ir de bruces [contra algo (against something)]" is similar to be falling down -or to be about to fall- with the snout, the mouth, or the nose forward, and it's used to appear metaphorically


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    The English equlivent is to fall flat on your face.
    example: If you try to do that in your condition you will fall flat on your face.
    (you will fail and be embarassed)
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