Iranian doosti "friend" akin to Ir. dast hand and Handshake

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  1. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Could it be that the word doosti "friend" in Persian developed out of the concept of the handshake dast meaning "hand" in Persian and related to doosti? Can doosti be traced back to Old Persian?
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    Persian dōst “friend, lover” is from the perfect passive participle of the verb *zuš- : *zawš- “to love”.
    Persian dast “hand” is from Iranian *zasta-. The two are not related.
    Both words show the Old Persian development of Iranian z > d.
  3. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Is it possible that the *zush and *zasta- descend from a common root. Because it would seem to make so much sense that the word friend is derived from a hand(shake). Howcome doost has a "t" at the end of it? Is it common from "sh" to develop into a dental "t"?
  4. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Why is it that the words left and love related? Could it have anything to do with the lefthand? though I'm not sure why that would be the hand of friendship unless your lefthanded
  5. fdb Senior Member

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    No, they have only one letter is common.

    -ta- is the suffix for the perfect passive participle.
  6. fdb Senior Member

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    They begin with the same letter. That does not make them related.
  7. Triginta Septem Member

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    What? If anything, "left" in IE languages is connected with evil ("sinister" < Latin sinestra "left hand"). If you mean some genetic relationship in English (or any other language, so far as I know), that is a completely baseless assumption. They have one letter in common (well, in the right place.. I suppose "e" would make two..).
  8. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Yeah, sometimes I remember things wrong. Love is akin to the words leave (and believe) and in my mind I'm probably thinking leave and left are related. I didn't realize that left passed tense of leave and left as in left hand stem from different roots.

    And another reason I thought left : love because chap means "leftwards" in Persian, assumed l >ch and p> f, v shift because chob in Thai means "like" and qwa means "left" assumed both chob and qwa could have been Sanskrit loans related to NPer. chap.

    I also thought that doosti "friend" could also be related to words like dexterous "good" and I know that the word dexterous is related to dast "hand."
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