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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Andrew___, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Andrew___

    Andrew___ Senior Member

    Hi guys,

    The Iraqis seem to say "hawaaya" to mean "a lot".

    This sounds to me like the word for hobbies (hawaaya).

    Is there any difference between the two sounds? Many thanks.
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  2. omry3 New Member

    they have the same sound (phonemes) but they have different meanings and we call this in Arabic lan. (TWRYA )
  3. shining_star24 Senior Member

    The pronunciation of hobbies in Arabic is "HEwaya ''singular'' and "HEwayaat'' Plural.. I am not sure about how do Iraqis pronounce this mentioned word but at least for hobbies it is pronounce with E not A
  4. 3llawee New Member

    Arabic - Iraq, English
    Iraqis pronounce "Hwa-yaa" to mean "a lot" and it is quite different from the arabic word for hobbies which is pronounced "Hee-waa-ya."
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  5. Andrew___

    Andrew___ Senior Member

    Many thanks everyone for your comments.

    And welcome to 3llawee to the forum :thumbsup:

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