Irish: Conas a chuireann an file é sin in ÍUL


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Can anyone translate this Irish sentence for me as The Google translate isn't really good
Conas a chuireann an file é sin in ÍUL
Thanks in advance
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    Hello Marsiks,
    Welcome to the forum. What’s the context of this sentence? Where did you find it?

    The way it’s capitalized ÍUL looks more like an acronym to be honest.

    Iúl (with the accent moved to the u) could mean knowledge.
    An Foclóir Beag: iúl. Context is everything.
    bespeak » Cuireann in iúl
    But it very much depends...
    iúl fir1 eolas, fios (cur in iúl dó é); treo, treoir (bhíomar ar an iúl céanna); aird, aire (d'iúla bheith ar an obair)
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    "The poet indicates that". As other people said, it is iúl, not íul. Also in Munster the pronunciatin is úil (in úil - with a broad n and slender l).

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    No - I just forgot the conas bit and was focused on the in iúl bit. yes - how the poet makes this known, or how the poet indicates this. If this is a question with a question mark - How does the poet make this known? How does the poet indicate this? or let us know this?