Irish: Dul ag imirt sacair

  • Yernagh

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    utopia said:
    As far as I know it's: GO PLAY SOCCER! (IN iRISH)


    You are almost 100% correct.

    It is indeed Irish, but is in the present continuous tense, so it means " ...Going to play soccer".

    GO PLAY SOCCER would be "Téigh ag imirt sacair"

    Le gach deá mhéin
    With every best wish



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    Bhi me i mo smaoineamh gur mhodh ordaitheach b'ea seo.

    Ba chuma loighciuil ata air seo.

    le meas, :) :eek:


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    Utopia, how the heck do you know that? I didn't think too many people in Israel spoke Irish or any Celtic language for that matter.


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    Well, You are after all at a language forum!!!
    I've been studying Gaeilge for a few years now, and not from the internet, but today I'm using this medium to enrich my vocabulary and read news in this language.

    It's heaven and earth - the transformation of the way people can learn languages - before the internet and after it!:thumbsup: