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I've noticed that many Irish people use both their English and Irish versions of the name.

For example, Moya Brennan, born Máire Ní Bhraonáin

1. What is the official status of these 2 different names?

2. Do both the names appear in the passport/ID or just the Irish, thus making the English variation an unofficial name used in English context?
Would Máire change her name to Moya is she would move to England?

3. Are Irish traditional names still in use today, or does the anglicized form prevail in modern times?
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    Hi Pixel,

    The name in your passport is your legal name, that is, the name that appears on your birth certificate, or the one you have had changed by deed poll. The language depends on the language your parents chose to have on your birth certificate, or the language you chose when you changed your name by deed poll. So if your name is in Irish on your birth certificate you must have that same Irish name on your passport.

    People who move to a different country generally don't change their name. Irish names, with Irish spellings, are still very commonly used.
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