Irish Gaelic: cake

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Dia is Muire daoibh go léir a cháirde,
It has been a while since we have discussed any Irish on here. Does anybody know if we have a proverb in Irish, along the lines of
One can't eat one’s cake and have it too.
Failing that perhaps, somebody might be good enough to correct my attempt at a literal translation
Ní féidir leat do *cháca milis a ithe agus é a bheith ró
Would *chíste work better here, as in Císte torthaí a fruit-cake rather than a sponge cake sort of thing. Any thoughts?

While I have found some Irish sayings online about cooking, this particular one was not one of them.
eg. Is geall le fleá bia go leor.
Enough food is as good as a feast.

BBC - Irish - Proverbs for BBC Irish
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