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Hello all,

I'm trundling my way through an old Irish schoolbook and have understood the idea of prepositional pronouns, and am currently working on some exercises. I've gotten stuck at one section, an example of which is

Gach Satharn cabhrai'm ______ mo thuismitheoiri' an teach a ghlanadh.

Should the pronominal notion be doubly marked? I mean, should it be:

Gach Satharn cabhrai'm leo mo thuismitheoiri' an teach a ghlanadh.
Gach Satharn cabhrai'm le mo thuismitheoiri' an teach a ghlanadh.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this,
All the best,
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    It should be 'le', not 'leo'. Leo means 'with them' and it is used instead of a preposition and a noun.

    Pronouns replace nouns in a sentence so you can either use:

    1. the preposition le + the noun 'tuismitheoirí' or
    2. the prepositional pronoun leo on its own (without the noun).

    Your sentence with 'le' means 'Every Saturday I help my parents clean the house'.

    If you were to put in 'leo', then your sentence would mean 'Every Saturday I help them my parents clean the house' - you can see it doesn't work ;)
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