Irish: Go raibh maith agat


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Just beginning Irish, and came across the phrase meaning "thank you" - Go raibh maith agat. I'm pretty sure I know how to pronounce each word individually (Go is kind of like a mix between "gah" and "guh", raibh is "rav", maith is "mah", and agat is pronounced like it's spelled). And if I'm wrong about any of these pronunciations, please correct me. But my real question is this: Do I say the phrase like "gah rav mah agat", or "gah rav magat"? To me, it flows better the second way, and it seems more likely that people, when speaking it, would eliminate the pause because it's easier to say that way. For those reasons, I'm pronouncing it that way, but I just want to be sure. And if that is how you pronounce it, does that rule apply to all phrases in Irish?
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    In most sound files and videos I've checked, and on the recording I have for the Teach Yourself Irish coursebook, it's pronounced "guh ruh/ruv mahagat", with a clearly pronounced "h" sound between "maith" and "agat", so it should be three syllables. Maybe in fast or casual speech the middle part does disappear.