Irish: insist on being interrogated

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Once again, however Irish I am, I regularly have trouble with some of the more complex constructions due to absolute lack of practice at levels beyond everyday conversation.

So would anyone advise me please, would a sentence like "I insist on being interrogated in my native language" require any kind of subjunctive or could be translated bluntly as "I insist that I am.."
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    Hi, only just seeing this thread. Unfortunately “dearbhaím go maíomh” makes no sense in Irish. I’d translate this as:

    Seasaim air gur i mo theanga dhúchais (féin) a cheisteofar mé.
    (You can keep or remove the word féin, depending on whether you want to say my native language or my own native language).

    Seasaim air basically means “I make a stand (on X)” and ceisteofar is the future impersonal of the verb ceistigh.
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