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In golf telecasts Padraig Harrington's name is pronounced Pa-drég.
In the song An Mhaighdean Mhara it's Pha-drég.
In Ballykissangel it was pronounced Po-rig or somthing like that. (side note: I was so mad when they killed Assumpta and Ambrose, especially Assumpta. Did you know a very young Colin Farrell was in the last couple seasons of the show? ;))

All three mean Patrick in English but what is the right pronounciation or are they all accepted.

Thank You!
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    Hello Fandu,

    In Irish there is grammatical lenition which changes the sound of the first consonant in a word depending on grammatical context. Your second example from the song shows Pádraig in its lenitied form (required following the word "mo", for example), where the "P" sound is replaced by an "F" sound (and spelled "Ph").

    As for whether to pronounce the "d", it could be regional, an Internet search seems to suggest the "d" is dropped more commonly in Ulster than elsewhere.

    I'm no expert, so as usual wait for an actual Irish speaker to weigh in before trusting me!



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    Patrick in Irish can be Pádraig or Páraic

    There is also Páidín.

    Páidín is really "little Pat". -in is a diminutive in Irish.
    It is pronounced Paw-jeen /pɔːdʒɪːn/
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