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Dia dhaoibh,
In the context of Liam Ó Muirthile collection of poetry in the Irish language 'Sanas'
I am aware that nowadays "sanas" has a more idiomatic meaning along the lines of "a whispered hint".
However, the Irish word for etymology is ‘sanasaíocht’, from sanasán meaning glossary.
I don't see how the jump is being made to give the current idiomatic meaning, or is this some poetic licence?
Would anybody know how this idiomatic usage came to be/how it relates back to the original word.

Thoughts, más é do thoil é.
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    The original meaning seems to be either "whisper" or "secret". MacBain relates the word to Latin sonare. Pokorny allows this possibility (*su̯en- "sound"), but the word is also listed under *seni- ("for oneself, separate").
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