Irish: Venus is a beautiful naked woman

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    My take:

    Is bean álainn nocht í Véineas an Louvre. Ach tá na mná Éireannacha is áille san Eoraip.

    is - the verb 'to be'
    bean - a woman
    álainn - beautiful
    nocht - naked
    í - she
    Véineas an Louvre - Venus of Louvre
    ach - but
    tá - the verb 'to be'
    na mná - the women
    Éireannacha - Irish
    is áille - the most beautiful
    san Eoraip - in Europe

    I am not a fluent speaker, corrections from a native speaker are welcome!


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    For the second part, I would suggest:

    Ach, is iad mná na hÉireann na mná is áille san Eoraip. ("But, the women of Ireland are the most beautiful women in Europe")

    I think that's right:confused:


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    Maybe, I'm not sure. I haven't yet grasped the difference between 'is' and 'tá' and when to use them :)
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