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Hi everyone,
Is it ok to tell that "questions/queries are beyond the Administration's expertise" or is it better to simply call them irrelevant questions?
I know it's not the same. I just don't like "beyond the Administration's expertise". It does not sound quite natural.

Here is the context:
We handle all organizational, social and work-related issues.
Should you need help with some personal matters, please address them through your immediate managers.
Questions that are irrelevant or contain inappropriate words or allegations can be deleted without your consent.

Thank you very much.
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    The problem with "irrelevant" in this context is that users won't have the same notion of relevance as you. There's nothing wrong with your sentence, it's just that in my experience it's unlikely to influence the users.


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    Questions that are outside the scope of this office, or that contain inappropriate language or allegations, may/will be deleted.

    I don't think you need "without your consent" – it's always obvious that they can be deleted without asking the person for approval, simply because they can say no ... and then what do you do?
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