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Good night,

Here the sentence (not complete):

"Irrespective of whether the core structure is moving downwards or is stationary, the photograph remains evidence that there was indeed a total horizontal failure of the core structure at some point....."

My first problem is to translate in French the phrase "Irrespective of whether".
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    I read this in a book for pharmacist in UK. This paragraph concerns pharmacist units who are unlicensed to prepare a medicines for more than 7 days. But, I would like to know if they can prepare drugs for an administration for more than 7 days if they have stability data of the drug.

    "This document also restricts the shelf-life assigned to products produced in unlicensed facilities to a maximum of 7 days, irrespective of whether stability data would support a longer shelf-life."

    Would you say?

    "Ce document restreint aussi la durée de vie de médicaments produits dans des unités non licensés pour un maximun de 7 jours, sauf si des donnés de stabilités sur la durée de vie sont fournies."

    Dans le forum, j'ai trouvé "peu importe si"... peut importe que des données de stabilité soient fornies, les pharmaciens ne pourront pas préparés un traitement pour plus de 7 jours??.. cela aurait signifié que c'est contraire a ce que je pense.
    I am confused..


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    irrespective of whether means even if. They cannot keep them for more than 7 days under any circumstances.


    And in the context of a job application?

    eg: 'This form must be completed irrespective of whether a full C.V. is submitted.''

    Does it mean that they will not consider applications without a C.V. or is it the opposite; i.e: adding a C.V. does not make a different to the application?

    I am a bit confused! :s

    Thank you :)
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