Is घास related to 'grass'

El Ganador

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India - Hindi
Is the Hindi term 'घास' etymologically related to 'grass'?

I ask this because they sound similar, but apparently:

'घास' comes from Photo-Indo-Iranian *gʰas (to eat).
'Grass' comes from *gʰreh₁- (to grow).

So, are these roots related in some way (which would explain why the terms sound similar), or is it a coincidence (or some other reason)?
  • I think you answered it yourself by citing the PIE roots. Grass is related to green and green, while घास is related to Sanskrit घस् (to eat).

    The English and Hindi words must have developed after the split of PIE and the ancestors of English and Hindi obviously used different descriptions for grass. The ancestor of English described it as that what grows or that what is green (which are related concepts) while the ancestor of Hindi described it as that what is eaten (by animals).